The Tron (TRX) CEO, Justin Sun, hints that Tron is prepared to cooperate
with Ethereum on a few projects that would benefit the crypto industry overall

In an interview with Racheal Wolfson, the host of TheCryptoChick, that she published as a podcast a few days ago, Justin Sun said that Tron is ready to cooperate with Ethereum on a few ideas this year.

Will two rivals really be working together?

Justin Sun did not name any particular projects that Tron intends to work on with Ethereum. He just said that Tron will join efforts with some of Ethereum dev teams.

The cooperation, he said, will be beneficial for the whole crypto sphere. He admitted that Ethereum and Tron are competing in the sphere of decentralized apps, but this rivalry is making the blockchain industry develop and improve generally.

Tron gets to be the biggest dapp producer

Just to remind, Tron initially was founded on
the Ethereum network and in summer last year the Tron Foundation launched its
own MainNet, getting off Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard.

Since then, Justin Sun has been viewing Vitalik Buterin and ETH as Tron’s major competitor and constantly aiming to surpass Ethereum (ETH) not only in the technological sphere but also by the market cap value.

Since the end of 2018, Tron has been actively getting Ethereum and EOS dapp builders to join the TRX network. Justin Sun even set up a special fund to finance dapp makers from other platforms that will decide to leave their ecosystems for Tron.

Talking on the podcast, Justin Sun stated he
advocates brotherhood among crypto industry players, so despite competing with
other platforms, like EOS or Ethereum, he still views them as allies.

Still, Tron seems to be becoming a leader among dapp producers. Recently, the Tron CEO tweeted that the number of dapps running on Tron has reached 246 and the amount of accounts has got over 2.3 million.

Justin Sun’s April Fool’s jokes

Recently, on the April Fool’s day Justin Sun entertained
the community on Twitter with a post about the coming release of a fake music
album ‘Enter the Sun’. Also, as part of the joke, Justin Sun was nominated for
a Nobel Prize in economics.

Vitalik Buterin also let the Ethereum
community have fun when on April 1 he tweeted that he intends to give up
working with Ethereum and focus on other projects.

Tron-USDT is about to launch

In the interview, Justin Sun reminded the audience
that on April 9 the Tron-based USDT stablecoin would be released. Sun believes
that running on Tron will make USDT operations quicker and cheaper rather than
the current Omni protocol Tether is using which is based on Bitcoin.

Sun has also promised to launch a
privacy-oriented network based on the protocol used by Zcash. The release is to
occur in Q2 this year.